Absolute Sparkle Moissanite Pendant Necklace

Diamond Cut:

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Experience the stunning beauty and brilliance of the Absolute Sparkle Moissanite Pendant Necklace. The beautifully firing moissanite main stone set in sterling silver delivers a sparkling effect like genuine diamonds. Its classy design and unforgettable sparkle make it perfect for any occasion. Upgrade your jewelry collection with this timeless piece.

Approximately, oval main stone 9 mm x 12 mm, pear main stone 8 mm x 8 mm

Genuine Moissanite stones, rhodium plated 925 sterling silver

Lead and Nickel free

Made in China

Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone renowned for its brilliance and durability. It closely resembles diamonds in sparkle and hardness, making it an excellent choice for sustainable luxury. With its vivid, rainbow-colored sparkles and resistance to scratches, moissanite is perfect for daily wear and offers a modern alternative to traditional gemstones. Its appeal lies in both its beauty and ethical value, making it a favored option in fine jewelry.

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