Clover Clasp Genuine Pearl Necklace


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Introducing the Clover Clasp Pearl Necklace, a symbol of sophistication and grace. This necklace features freshwater pearls in three sizes: 4-5mm for a subtle layered look, 6-7mm for an elegant touch, and 8-9mm for a statement piece. The unique clover clasp provides versatility and style, allowing you to wear it in front, on the side, or in the back. With a clasp that opens from both sides, you can easily adjust the length for any occasion. Elevate your look with this timeless and versatile necklace.

Freshwater pearls, handpicked for best shapes and colors. May have different sizes and shapes of pearls due to the characteristics of natural pearls

16" long with clover, 15" if taking off clover

18k gold dipped sterling silver

Freshwater pearls from Zhejiang province in China

Lead and Nickel free

Ethically sourced

Made in China

Guide to Pearl Care:

Pearls are organic gems and are more vulnerable to damage than other gemstones, so they require careful handling.

1. Wear Them Often: Pearls thrive with wear. Your skin's natural oils keep pearls lustrous. However, remember, moderation is key – too much exposure can lead to damage.

2. Last On, First Off: Make pearls the final touch to your outfit. Avoid exposing them to makeup, hairspray, or perfume. When the day ends, let your pearls be the first thing you take off.

3. Gentle Cleaning: Post-wear, gently wipe pearls with a soft, damp cloth. This removes any harmful residues and maintains their sheen.

4. Avoid Water and Chemicals: Keep pearls away from water and harsh chemicals. Water can weaken their delicate stringing, and chemicals can tarnish their surface.

5. Proper Storage: Pearls need to breathe. Store them in a soft-lined box or pouch, away from other jewelry to prevent scratches. Keep them away from excessive heat or dryness.

6. Professional Restringing: With regular wear, consider restringing your pearls annually. This ensures they remain secure and maintain their elegant drape.

7. Embrace Occasional Rest: Give your pearls a break now and then. This pause allows them to maintain their moisture and luster.


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